Sunday, July 30, 2006

almost done.

first a funny funny clip about a famous little Bush pilot.

Then pics...

and my grades are starting to come in, so far im doing good 3's in italian, art, 1.5 in art if i could only hope for passing the environmental econ klausur...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Klausur = Final Test = My Grade in Germany!

current condition: a medium of procrastinating, while freaking out about environmental economics final. must learn 180pages of german text on the instruments of leading an environmentally oriented enterprise. i have til next wednesday.
the grades in germany are set up 1 through 6, 1 being the best. and last semesters class..nobody got a 1 from my professor.
seriously how hard can it be, even germans cant possibly cram 180 pages of vocab, graphs, examples and descriptions can they? but still, gotta study my ass off. oh yea and i got italian tomorrow, art and literature next tuesday, and a paper that's not technically due until mid august, but i need to have done and handed in by the time i leave on how japanese culture/art influenced french impressionists... :X!!! waahhhh german finals are so hard! ok i have to study. bye.