Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My grandpa tells me I need to blog more...

Well it's been a while since my last blog. My hair is really really long now...maybe you actually dont want to see a picture of that. But the internet in my apartment is being stupid so I can't upload anything to the internet anyway.
The biggest thing was May Day. Some friends and I, Sascha, Erica, Amanda, Evan, John all went up the mountain on April 30 for a huge party. We actually didn't know how huge it was going to be. Just that it lasts the entire night. First you have to hike up the mountain though, so that was around 40 minutes...and we didn't see many people at the beginning climbing up the mountain, but around halfway up, you could tell there was a train of people all going to the top with backpacks, sleepingbags, grills, and food. When we got near the top of the mountain you could begin to hear the drums coming from inside the 1930s amphitheatre. The atmosphere was charged, and when you walked in through the giant doors, you could see a huge seating section and all the places were filled up, people had brought their own bongos and were playing just a drum beat which was really awesome because of the acoustics in the amphitheatre, the entire place was filled with sound.
Then we found our spot and had a little to drink. We felt pretty unprepared becasuse everybody else had grills and salads and that kind of stuff that they brought up the mountain, but we had a good time nonetheless. The craziest part was when the people started to come out of the crowd who knew how to juggle, except they didnt just juggle, they lit their sticks on fire first and were juggling fire. Then there were others who had the sticks on strings and would do a kind of club dancing thing that was just amazing, i have a cool video on my laptop, but you will have to wait for that untill i come back... and then just last weekend there was a wine festival. it was a pretty small thing, but you could sample wines and then have a small glass for just 1.50euros which is around half of what you would pay in a restaurant.
and then classes started i have italian, environmental economics, two courses in fine arts history, and a german class. aite i gotta go to the gym now and lift some weights before class starts....phil out!


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