Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why is Heidelberg so crazy...

Well, the first reason is that at the supermarket Handelshof, there is the section of the meat department where they slash prices on stuff reaching expiration....so that means I have experience in purchasing 4 different kinds of sausage at the same time, and eating all of it in less than 3 days :)
The second reason is the weather. Yesterday it was sunny, cloudy, hail, sunny, rain, then sunny....in that exact order...its so confusing.
I took the DSH (German Proficiency Exam) yesterday. It wasn't so bad I guess, but that's just me. a 3 hour test, that I fininished in less than 2....so i have to practice just sitting and doing nothing for a long time....wasnt too exciting. I'll know the result on Wednesday or Thursday.
I got an email from my host father, Mr. Nagasatou, from Kuchiwachou the other day. He says that he is quite busy because of the farm and what not, but the good news is that the asparagus is sprouting right now....mmmm....Spargel!
Last thing is that I'm reassured that I am at my 70kgs bodyweight again. The scale at Fitness-point was weird, so I thought I had lost like 10lbs from the weird diet when I first got here, and not being able to exercise regularly. But thanks to Evan and my 3 sandwiches-before-noon-plus-all-other-meals-a-day I'm doing good now. Ready to start growing again. [=] Aite, pz.

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