Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My new diet...

On the weekend with Heather I believe I found a very successful new diet plan...here is my dinner at Die Hirschgasse Hotel.

Fried goose-liver on rhubarb with brioche

Lobster in foam of wild garlic with sepia-spaghettinis

Badish asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise

Fillet of sea bass of friend green asparagus with Noilly-Prat sauce

Saddle of lamb in an eggplant crust on zucchini-mint vegetable with potato turnovers

Berries gratinated with Ramazotti foam with passionfruit sorbet

There were also hor d'oerves of oysters, and a leg, saddle, and liver of rabbit compliments of the chef. Did I also mention that with each course we had a separate wine. So...practically 8 courses, 6 wines...its a good diet. And if you are insanely jealous of me right now, good. You can thank Heather, Mark, and Richard for advising me to brag about this meal to anybody I meet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a diet! Do you have the recipes please?

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous...that's unbelievable! You will be making all that for our international food night with Jasmine, right?? ;-) - Brianna

12:52 PM  

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