Monday, January 23, 2006

Seoul-ed Out

I'll be in Seoul, S. Korea for the next few days. From January 24 til the 26th. Yea, I'll miss class, but class seems to be so much easier than real life. I already have a shopping list from my boat crew of stuff to bring back so we can have a party...oddly enough they want Korean seaweed.
Also the people who read this will also be pleased to know that Harada-san, Nagao and I (there may be others) are all gonna watch SpaceBalls (a Mel Brooks production) in Japanese~ A movie like this can only get better...the same way that watching Arnold in the Japanese dubbed version of Predator..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Space Balls in Japanese?! I can only imagine! LOL. Let me know how it goes. Also, have a good trip! - Brianna

6:23 AM  

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