Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Might be fun to think

This might be plagiarism, but I helped him pass computer science back in Freshman year, so maybe it's OK, and I just found this poem that he wrote for one of our assignments back then. From what I remember Namon wrote this poem in just 10minutes or so...this is the original poem by Namon Johnson
listening to the motion of the ocean
makes you think about the number one thing in your relationship, the devotion

living in the world can sometimes be ghostly
no one appreciates you or understand you, God only

what if we lived in a perfect world
ha you would love that wouldn't you but were not, we're curled up like a cinnamon swirl

tommorow is promised to no one
you can wake up tommorow morning next thing you know your done
but you know your not the only one

stepping into the world of an armageddon
you stepped into it, know where your headin
hell if you don't pray, trust I'm not trippin

now welcome to my world, the world of truth
are you ready! 1,2,3 close your eyes and think, the world there is no truth


Anonymous mi said...

cool poem~

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOla Phil, hows it going? I see youre having fun over there. Sorry I havent been able to check out ur posts but just been busy plus my internet at home sucks. Well WE all miss u very much cant wait to see u in feb! Love ya,

8:45 AM  

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