Saturday, December 17, 2005


I had a good weekend. Starting on Saturday morning, I had rowing team practice. We had rowing machine time trials, I and the other people on the crew were pretty sure I am still not up to the same endurance as the other guys...but I really wanted to join in the time trials with everybody, so I did 1000meters instead of the 2000m. Takashira-san really went all out on it, and he couldn`t stand or walk by himself for about 15 minutes. Sad thing is that he wasn`t the fastest member!! I guess I did decently enough, I`m still not sure about what kind of pace we should try to keep to finish strong, or if there is any technique involved in using the rowing machines..but I did my 1km in around 3min 30sec...most of the guys were finishing the 2km just around 7min 30sec I think. I can catch up to them though~ Oh and did I mention that we were outside rowing while the snow was falling? Yea, we`re hardcore.
After that I had a nice lunch at the cafeteria with the crew team, and then returned to the meeting place to clean our area and hang out for a while. Didn`t take too long, then back at the dorm, and had some more food, my cheeks felt kinda weird so I think I maybe caught a bit of a cold or something and I took a shower after having a nap.
Then at night Garth and I went into Hiroshima city to catch up with Hitomi (our host-sister from Kuchiwa-chou) It was snowing so much! The snowflakes were the size of quarters! Anyway, we just chatted with her over a cup of sake before we realized it was already getting to
be around the time of the last train to the Saijou station. After running for about 5 min, we got on the train with like 45sec before departure.
We arrived in Saijou even with the heavy snow falling.....about this time there are no taxis and the last bus had already left, so Garth and I are stuck going by foot to the dorms. But seeing as we are hardcore (or at least I am) We decided to run/walk to keep warm and to shorten up the trip. Yea we rain about 2km in 3inches of fresh snow at 1:30am...Definitely felt the burn in the calves..its like running on the beach. I slept so well...
Today, we were supposed to have practice but it was cancelled because of the snow, most people don`t live on campus so snow is a little hard for people to ride their bikes in. I decided to sleep in til around 10 and then made some Rice Milk soup. This soup is from the German cookbook I got from my Aunt Carol (thanks Carol!) I found this recipe in a long-lost folder on my computer so I decided to try it...the measurements are all weird, so I just guess most of the time, but about 1cup of cooked rice, 2spoons of white sugar, dash of cinnamon, 2cups milk, and cornstarch to thicken it up. Funny story about not measuring things...I only wanted to put in a little bit of cornstarch...but ended up losing my grip on the bag,....about 1tbsp fell in, but the soup turned out delicious nonetheless!
Later, when I was listening to music I got a call from Tamagawa-san, inviting me to hang out with the crew guys. I hope to get the pictures from people, but Gotou, Satsumaki, Tama, and I made a snow man, then we met up with Takashira, Tanuma, Takahashi, Akira, and Kimura to see their snow man, and a bit of a snowball fight. Poor Gotou and Tanuma were the losers of this battle.
That`s about my weekend I`m gonna have a nabe party (giant bowl of soup) with Hitomi and some of her friends, then on the 26th Miho`s parents are gonna pick me up from Campus to spend the Winter/New Year`s break with them in Ube city~


Anonymous miho (your girlfriend) said...

heeeeeeey phil, im so happy to be here in rockford, staying with your parents. i hope you will feel relaxed with my family in ube.

6:56 PM  

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