Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hot Cake

Hot Cake is how Pancake translates into Japanese.
Phil make pancake. Perfect pancake make Phil happy, and make Phil full. Full of Pancake!!!
Pancake = Delicious.
I'm pretty sure that Newton proved it through Calculus. It might also be the underlining element in American Midwest culture...just throwing out ideas here. One more thing, owning only a small fry pan and cooking pancakes takes lots of time...

Ah, just found out that this weekend I`m not gonna have boat practice on the River because there is a special little practice for the alumni members with the current boat crew, then on Sunday our marathon runners are competing. Too bad I still am horrible at running....but then again, maybe not. Hopefully I`ll get some time to write some letters and workout at the gym.
Then next week because the marathon will be over, rowing club is gonna be back in the gym lifting weights instead of always running! wahooo!! ::flexes:: I`ll take a picture sometime next week hopefully of what we running people look like in the morning after running...It`s cold enough in the morning now to get frost, so when we are running so early, there is a large enough temperature difference so that we start to steam...kinda like an aura of awesomeness,...that`s what I call it at least

Next weekend is another off weekend as far as boat practice will be concerened I think. On Saturday I`m going with Takuyan to see Ryoko play her French Horn. She is always so busy with this brass orchestra club, so I guess I can look forward to enjoying that. Then at night I`ll take a train and a streetcar to get there, but I`ll be at the boathouse to enjoy the Bounenkai (Year End Party) Should be great fun :) There might be a small practice on Sunday morning, but I doubt it will be quite the same workout as we would do on a normal weekend.
Then on Sunday, this girl Miho, from Analytical Study of Historical Landscapes class, and I (there may be some more people going, my ears couldn`t catch everything that she said.) are going to a separate string orchestra performance. She said its gonna be a Japanese kind of song, so it probably wont be like European composers.

Then I guess that will be my last week of class....on the 26th Miho`s (yes that Miho) Parents are gonna pick me up from campus to spend the holiday at their home.


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