Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Going to the Kaneko's

So first, I gotta make picture time, I had a really packed day...this post is late, but talks about the events on December 25 and 26.
I woke up same as normal..frightfully and unreasonably early, 7am, without using an alarm clock. So I just did some cleaning and final packing getting ready to go to the Kaneko's the next day. Then I had coffee and lunch with Ryoko. It's funny, I could tell how nervous she was talking to me because she wasn't sure how well we could communicate, but actually since last talking to her, hopefully, my Japanese skill surprised her a bit. Anyway, so we just chatted over coffee (yea Bri, they have cafes here in Japan, so it's safe to come) and then we went to Sukiya (Miho you can rest assured, I've come to enjoy sukiya...but not as much as yoshinoya!) Yea, we were just having a good time talking in Japanese, I learned some Yamaguchi prefecture slang...here is the primer

bucchi = Yamaguchi
meccha = Kansai
sugoi = standard Japanese
very = English

nan shichoru - Yamaguchi
nanba shiyouto - Fukuoka
nani wo shite imasu ka - standard Japanese
What are you doing now? - English

ke - Yamaguchi
kara - standard Japanese
because - English

then we took a picture afterwards~

Ryoko and Phil Posted by Picasa

Right after leaving Ryoko, Dan and I met up to go to Hiroshima city for a nabe party with my host sister from Kuchiwachou, Hitomi. We played this really weird game on Dan's PSP (Playstation portable) weird, but at the same time, totally addicting...good thing I'm too mature for that kind of thing now. We met up with Hitomi, then met up with her two girlfriends Miu and Mie. We went to the Nabe restaurant and had sushi, some fried shrimp, then nabe, then from the leftover broth risotto, then ice cream!!! it was so much food...soo good. Afterwards, we were just gonna go to the trainstation, but I noticed and wanted to take pictures of the Christmas lights. It was so beautiful! Here are some pictures of the Hiroshima City Illumination...Oh and do notice how I've successfully involved myself in Japanese culture with the addition of the scooter goggles~

Mie, Dan, Phil Posted by Picasa

Phil, Dan, Hitomi Posted by Picasa

The man formerly known as Prince...this is actually what happens "when doves cry". Posted by Picasa

Illumination1 Posted by Picasa

Illumination2 Posted by Picasa

Nothing too special happened on the way back to the dorms...
Next day I woke up really unreasonably early again....nothing left in the fridge, so just rice and a little bit of soup in the morning. It must have been funny seeing me with my suitcase, laptop, backpack, and one more bag of gifts (bottle of hiroshima sake and box of sweets), walking about 10min to the place to meet the Kaneko's, but anyway, we can laugh about this later :) Like as soon as I got there, the Kaneko's arrived, what timing!! Then on the way back we stopped at a curry restaurant, which was delish, and just, otousan (miho's dad) would speak English, I would speak Japanese, then okaasan (miho's mom) exclaims how funny it is that we don't speak our native languages except her! Yea, and Mika and I are hanging out a lot, she's studying right now for the university entrance exam, I guess she'll try to go to Yamaguchi University. Yea, right now is just relaxing~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay cafes!!! I guess I have no excuse not to go to Japan now, right?? Heehee, I hope you have a fun time with the Kaneko's! Miho and a bunch of us girls are having coffee tonight...but we need you there to balance out the ratio, you know, all the girls and Phil, just like old times!! Take care and have a Happy New Year's!!
Hugs!! Brianna

8:57 AM  

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