Tuesday, December 27, 2005

And now for something completely different..

from YogaJournal.com
---"Goal making is a valuable skill; it involves envisioning a future outcome in the world or in your behavior, then planning, applying discipline, and working hard to achieve it. You organize your time and energy based on your goals; they help provide direction for your life. Committing to and visualizing those goals may assist you in your efforts, but neither of these activities is what I call setting intention. They both involve living in an imagined future and are not concerned with what is happening to you in the present moment. With goals, the future is always the focus: Are you going to reach the goal? Will you be happy when you do? What's next?"---

This article talks about the relationship between Intentions and Goals. To reach your goals you must have the right intention, but realize that goals can be accomplished or failed, this is the spice of life. Having the right intention, you can cultivate and work hard to reach your goals.

To read the entire article, which I recommend, copy and paste this address to the url window..


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