Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Today`s grocery list

Well I bought fish today. I`m not exactly sure what kind of fish it is, but it has some blue lines on it and didn`t cost too much. I also bought an ocotopus tentacle, non-gm milk, eggs, soy sauce, sausage, broccoli, soy beans, and lemon. I think I`m gonna try to do a hard core study tonight, so I`ve got chicken in a wasabi-soysauce marinade in the fridge and a pile of rice on hold.

Last night I started my research on how to get the most bang for my buck on protein vs calories and fat content. (I`ll post my chart later) I found out the percentage of protein vs calories and then wrote down the fat and cholesterol levels of the foods. Quite interesting stuff....I will tell you right now that my diet is gonna be even more interesting once I get the rest of my food eaten in the dorm...oysters and clams here I come!


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