Wednesday, October 26, 2005


What`s going on?? Right now it`s Wednesday 7:30pm, and I`m in the West Library. Pretty much things are in a general flow right now. Crew Team (rowing team) had a race on the weekend so they get a week off from training. I on the other hand have to keep running and working out in the gym so I can try to start catching up to their level of endurance. People are always in shock when I tell them that I`ve joined crew for some reason. I guess it must be a very hard sport. But, I guess it wouldn`t be much fun if there wasn`t a challenge would it? :) I haven`t even been in a boat yet to practice that aspect, but I guess that will be coming up next weekend.

Classes seem to go pretty well. It is true that Japanese classes are pretty laid back. We just go to lecutre which lasts 1.5hrs and I only get homework for one class. The rest of my studying is just additional as far as the what I do to understand the lectures and notes from other classes.

I decided not to buy a rice cooker since I`ll be here just 4 months, but I think I should still get some rice to boil in a pot. It`s so much cheaper here and rice is practically the only thing that you can buy in bulk. I did find some stuff that looks like oatmeal, but I`m not quite sure about it yet. This would be good as far as breakfast. I`m sorry, but miso soup for breakfast just isn`t filling enough and doesn`t have enough calories to start me in the morning when I have been exercising the day before. I want to try making some kind of small stew or bbq (along the lines of nikujyaga) when I`m here, but I actually don`t know what to do for it other than throw everything in a pot and let it cook for a while. If you have a simple recipe, send it this way :)

I haven`t seen Takuyan in a while because he had a test this week and he is often playing with his chou kyoukoudo concrete. He and I are gonna meet next week to hang out, at least long enough to get my Alien Registration Card from the City Hall. Hrm...I guess that`s all for now,
jyaa, mata!


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