Thursday, October 27, 2005

Crew Team Go!!!

I just talked to Tasegawa today. I guess I don`t have the weekend off to train on my own. Instead there is practice in Hiroshima City. I wonder how this is gonna be, even Tasegawa said this is gonna be hard. Let me translate a part of my schedule...
Friday 9pm (yes, PM) leave campus for Hiroshima City, spend the night in boat house.
5am (wake up), 6am (start training), 9am (breakfast), Afternoon break, 3pm (back to training), 7pm (more food)...sometime after that we sleep...then on sunday we go through the routine again! I guess we won`t get back to Hirodai campus until early on Monday morning, so I wonder how much fun I`ll be having in Intermediate Japanese that day. :)
Oh, and on the race last weekend, we got 3rd place. Goo team!! woooo!!!!


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