Friday, September 09, 2005

To See Miho-chan

I have just one more chance to see my sweet girlfriend Miho Kaneko. She is a biotechnology major for the time being. It's great to have such an amazingly smart girlfriend who is so smoking hot at the same time. Also hard because im the jealous type of guy.

For some reason she decided to go to school in Fargo, ND. This is such an isolated town. It is so difficult to try and travel there. It isn't as difficult as trying to go to Japan, but the plane ticket is gonna be something like $180, but that is if I can get a ticket from Madison to Chicago to Fargo. If I try to buy a direct flight from Chicago to Fargo, it's $240...pretty crazy. So my day was spent searching other airports..Des Moines, Cedar Point, Milwaukee, Midway, even Rockford...but still this Madison flight is the cheapest. Then I tried to see how much a bus would cost to go to Madison...but there is no direct bus route to Madison from Rockford, I would have to be dropped off in Janesville and ride the bus from there, then walk to the airport. It's so hard to be so much closer to Miho but not being able to see her just the same...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil -

I am trying tom locate a Miho Kaneko for a grade school reunion. What is Miho's age? Did she ever live in Chicago?

8:50 AM  
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