Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Japanese Tutor

My tutor Takuto. His nickname is Takuyan. At least I think that it is, I am having a hard time remembering this name even though we are always hanging out together. He is 23 and a graduate student of Hiroshima University studying Civil Engineering. Currently he has no classes, but is just doing research and experiments on Super Ultra Strength Cement. He said it was something about being able to create cement beams for buildings. Sounds interesting :) Originally Takuyan is from Hyougo, which is near Kyoto. Actually I have been to Hyougo before when I came to Japan last time to see Himeji Castle. Unfortunately, the traffic was so bad last time, I did not get to tour the castle. He does play sports, rugby, but he also smokes, Aki and I had a nice joke about this. Takuyan has studied English for just two years, but he studied very hard this summer to be able to help me better as a tutor. Still his English must be better than my Japanese. I am trying to speak in Japanese as much as possible and he helps me with it always, like trying to teach me how to say "choukyoukoudo konkuriito" (super ultra strength cement). He is also helping me with all of the applications I have to do like setting up a bank account, alien registration, buying a cell phone, and temporary hiroshima prefecture cultural activities card. This activities card could be most useful to me. Whenever I go to a public museum, park, temple, shrine it will either be completely free with this card or for a discounted price. ::greedily grabs camera and runs out the door::

Oh, you're still here? Takuyan and I gotta go now, Peace out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Philly!!

So much to say, but first and foremost I am glad that you made it all right and are making friends in Japan. How is the Japanese coming along? I know you were worried, but I am sure you are doing wonderfully...I have full confidence in you!

Way to go, working to establish a bank account and cell phone and all that jazz...I am impressed.

I will look forward to the pics.

I can't believe you got to meet Pharell!! That is so awesome, lol.

Basically I miss you kid and love reading about all your adventures...take care and will look forward to reading more!! Love ya and miss ya!!


9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice bloggings. You met Pharrell, thats awesome. I was just listening to a song featuring him. That Steve kid is a good addition to german club, he seems to have more german music than you and I put together! He has a bunch of versions of Anton Aus Tirol. It is not all techno tho :( I am gonna make a whole cd of them and blast it for Bubolz, so he is exposed to techno in your absence. Dave and I miss your presence at breakfast. Nobody eats cereal now! I gotta run, ttyl Herr Philbert. Keep up the effecient blogging and spread that techno in Japan!


2:32 PM  
Anonymous Juki said...

Sounds awesome...super strength cement! Take lots of pics and post! Good luck on all your applications. =]

10:28 PM  

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