Sunday, September 18, 2005

Multifaceted Life in Fargo, ND

Yatta!!!! I made it to see Miho, and we are both having such a good time. We first went to a car wash for her international students` organization. It was funny because Miho is such a quiet person up here, I actually introduced myself to people just because Miho actually didn`t know who they were, let`s see I met Deji, Bola, Stan, Nini, Neggie. Maybe a few more. Then even funnier, I was seeing these people around campus the next day and they were all like "Hey Phil!!," then I`m like, "Sup, Stan!!" Nobody was even saying much to Miho...I must just be that popular, hehehe. OK, I`ll make an update on the situation up here in Fargo tomorrow when I return to R-town.


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