Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Life in Fargo cont.

So what else was there to do in North Dakota? Well, there was a techno party downtown, but
it didn't seem like such a good idea. Miho and I both didn't know enough people to go there safely, when there would be alcohol there. She was worried about the police showing up. I guess the downtown is pretty cool though, even if I didn't get to see it. I imagine it can't be as bad as Rockford.

We met up with her friends Taylor and Mark. They are such a weird duo. Taylor is very vocal and always doing something, then Mark who is Japanese, but with USA parents, is so quiet. When Miho and I met up with them, just Taylor and I were speaking, while Miho and Mark listened trying to catch up with our slang-filled English. They are both pretty cool guys, too bad we couldn't have anything better to do than just to go to the Dining Center with Taylor. I did get to hang out with Mark for a while though because Miho, Mark and I went to the grocery store (its so small!!! Their selection was very limited) We picked up some ingredients for Nikujyaga. It is a Japanese dish of potatoes, beef, onion, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, seasonal green vegetables. When making Nikujyaga, you add water to the pot to cook down and cover the ingredients with a salty-sweet coating, but for some reason our pot had too much water..cough cough..and it started to turn into more of a stew than what I remember Nikujyaga to be. Miho and Mark said it was a good job though, and it did taste good. I have to remember this recipe for my senior year living off campus. Make a giant pot of Nikujyaga and just dig in!!

Monday was my last day in Fargo...
I went with Miho to her Chem 121 and Acting class. I'm sure now that these classes are too easy for Miho, well, because they are too easy for me. I suspected that I might not be able to understand anything in Chemistry, but actually it was a review of Mr. Mena's class. They were just talking about Molar Mass and the Law of Conservation of Matter. The only part that Miho is gonna have trouble with is the English. Then in Acting class I participated with their exercises then I watched as they did their assignments. It was fun to watch these acting exercises :) Then after classes Miho and I went to the airport and said our goodbyes...until we can meet again...

週末の思い出すは僕の心を気持ち良く暖かくなる。  愛してるみほちゃん。


Anonymous Jasmine said...

You didnt do any partying Phil??? wow im soo disappointed!! lol jk

1:39 AM  
Anonymous miho said...

i heard the party was good and people were surprised that we didnt show up. but its ok with me because im just this kind of person who wants to play it safe when i hang out with people. besides, we got to spend time by ourselves, which was also very nice. many people wanted to see you but we didnt have enough time for everybody. oh well. next time maybe. i dont know when but im sure you are always welcome to visit me~!!!!!!!!!!

2:00 PM  

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