Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Flight to Japan!

Well my flight was no so bad, just 13 hours. Well that is, 13 hours to Tokyo, then I have another 2 hour flight to Hiroshima after that! I'm wondering where all my fellow HUSA students are. There were supposed to be three of us on the flight from O'Hare, but there are so many people on that flight it was too hard to tell. Now I'm waiting in the terminal for my Hiroshima flight. I'm wearing my USAC shirt, which all of us received. I thought that would be a big enough give-away as to my participation in this program, but they are either MIA or just too shy to come up and ask me my name. One guy David said that I should be able to find him because he is gonna wear some goofy hunting hat, but still unable to find him as of late. I wonder when my partners will join me...

Now, I'll tell you a story of how I met Pharrell. Yes, that Pharrell. The one that works with David Banner and Snoop Dogg. Well I was going through immigration, when I noticed these 4 black people all together. Well, just noticing black people is not enough, but when you see a 350lb 6'6" black man carrying a genuine Louis Vuitton suitcase, which I believe couldn't possibly fit even this guys boxers. He was big to say the least. He was led by a another guy jamming to some music, decked out in shades and what not, very pimp. Then Pharrell had on this sweet hoody, you could tell he was trying to stay on the down low, but to no avail. So while we wound through the line, I would catch a peek to see if I could confirm his identity, when suddenly there was a dead give-away. The neck tattoo! So we wound around one more time, then I went up to him

"I gotta ask...Pharrell, right?"


"I just want to say I love what you do. I love your music," while shaking his hand.

"Yeh, Yeh."

It's too bad we were standing in the line, or I would have asked him to get a picture as evidence of our encounter. :) But hopefully this blog post will be enough. To all those who are studying abroad, did you meet any famous rap/hip-hop artists yet? I know I have [=]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant believe u got to see Pharrell! Im soo jealous!! u should have given him a kiss from me ;) lol jk, Im glad that ur finally in Japan and u seem to be having lots of fun! Keep me posted of what goes down and if u see any hats ;)

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