Friday, September 16, 2005

Ein Woche und Zwei Tagen

yea..that's how much time I have left in the States, just a week and two days for those of you who don't comprehend the elegance of the German language.
This week was clean-up at Magic Waters, collecting and cleaning garbage cans, cleaning the entire Dippin Dots building...finding out just how deep the grime has become at Magic this year. I logged 37.3 hrs over the week, so I can have a little bit more money for the time being. I've still got to work on Wednesday and Thursday. How funny would it be if I forgot to return my keys to Magic...hrm let's see, outer gate key, inner park key, dippin dots keys, all food outlet keys :)
Tomorrow is gonna be a long day. I'm going to Fargo to see my girlfriend. I can just see how much
there is to do in Fargo, ND. I'll make detailed reports for those who are interested. I mean seriously, it can't be that deserted right?


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