Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Day 1 - Not so Lost in Translation

Wow, I woke up so early. It must have been around 7am. I guess the disadvantage of living around so much nature is that the birds and insects get pretty unruly when it's sleepy time. I took my shower in the morning and had my breakfast that I bought from Lawson Station the night before. Egg sandwich and vegetable juice never tasted so good. Then, I decided to start my trek around campus. Fortunately, I was not the only one alone walking. When I got to the pond at Harada Park, I met up with this guy Luca, from Alberta, Canada, and Sheng, from Minnesota. So once we met up we were just all hanging out walking around campus. We went to Nafco, a spin-off from Wal-mart I guess. They have a little bit of everything there. Then we went to Deodeo the electronics boutique. I never really expected the dorm not to have a 3-prong outlet, but my dorm has only 2-prong outlets! So I ended up having to buy a power strip that had a 3-prong slot to it and now I don't have to sweat TH3 dying on me (Oh, my laptop is TH3. Thurston Howell the Third). My tutor had to do some experiment with cement today so I went to the 100 yen shop with Luca with his tutor Yasu and Mabi, from Philippines, with her tutor Kana. I crashed at 4 after 7 hours of walking. Then woke up to meet some other friends David, Eve, Danny and Danny's tutor. We ended up going to McDonald's! I didn't eat anything because I'm in protest of USA food and because I had sushi for dinner [=]. After that we hit up a CD store where there is also old VHS tapes. We found stuff like Terminator, Star Wars and all the James Bond movies all with Japanese titles. I wonder if they are dubbed or subtitled, I want to hear the Japanese Schwarzenegger.
Well orientation begins tomorrow for we international students, I had better hit the sack! Oyasuminasai!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Phil!

I am so excited reading your comments. It reminds me so much of my time in Japan!! Except the fact that you won't eat McDonalds, because I don't eat seafood. I definitely didn't go to Japan for the food. Aaah, so many memories. I am glad to see you have already become aquainted with the 100yen shop and Lawson. They will possibly be some of your favorite stops.

It is also good that you are trying to speak Japanese as much as possible. That is really my only regret...I spoke too much English.

Well, enjoy yourself and don't stop exploring! I'll keep in touch.


11:25 AM  

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