Sunday, July 30, 2006

almost done.

first a funny funny clip about a famous little Bush pilot.

Then pics...

and my grades are starting to come in, so far im doing good 3's in italian, art, 1.5 in art if i could only hope for passing the environmental econ klausur...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Klausur = Final Test = My Grade in Germany!

current condition: a medium of procrastinating, while freaking out about environmental economics final. must learn 180pages of german text on the instruments of leading an environmentally oriented enterprise. i have til next wednesday.
the grades in germany are set up 1 through 6, 1 being the best. and last semesters class..nobody got a 1 from my professor.
seriously how hard can it be, even germans cant possibly cram 180 pages of vocab, graphs, examples and descriptions can they? but still, gotta study my ass off. oh yea and i got italian tomorrow, art and literature next tuesday, and a paper that's not technically due until mid august, but i need to have done and handed in by the time i leave on how japanese culture/art influenced french impressionists... :X!!! waahhhh german finals are so hard! ok i have to study. bye.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

awesome! both my teams are still in after the top 16 final match last night. Germany over Sweden 2-0, and Argentina over Mexico 2-1. It'll be tense now because Germany and Argentina have to play each other next round. It should be a good fight..

"Berlin! Berlin! Wir fahren nach Berlin!!!"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


almost forgot, but happy fathers day and happy anniversaries~

Sunday, June 11, 2006

the sounds in the air

Usually the only thing I listen to in my room is my music from the laptop, or the train that passes by my room way too often. But on some nice days, like today. I get to hear opera, chorus, or classical music practices and performances coming from the church a little way up the mountain. Then I just open my window and enjoy a free concert whilst I study my books. yay music.

Here are two new albums...
Mannheim, Worms, Heidelberg

Friday, June 09, 2006

Begin Weltmeisterschaft (WM) 2006~

Germany is intense right now. Kristen, Katy and I were in Mannheim tonight with Paul at his fraternity house watching the Germany vs Costa Rica game. Germany won 4-2 :D We didn't stay for the Poland vs Equador game for obvious reasons. People are already going crazy after Germany won...this is gonna be sweeeeeeeet.

Monday, May 29, 2006

New Pictures from Brussels

Here are some new pictures from Brussels.

For this blog, whenever I say "we" I am referring to Kristen, Katy and I. We started our trip on Thursday because it was some sort of holiday, and my class on Friday is so boring. I never have to take notes in the class, and usually about 45 minutes into it, start to fall asleep during the prof's lecture. So anyway...we got to Brussels around 2-ish and had a bit of trouble finding our hotel, which is always fun :-/. We did find it, but we were in a bit of a crummy neighborhood (northwest Brussels) and our hopes weren't so high for the hotel, but when we got inside the hotel was really really nice!!! It was already 100x better than our hotel experience in Paris. The receptionist spoke to us in perfect English and was even able to give us directions to places that we wanted to go. We headed out the first night around 6ish I guess, because there was a free shuttle.! We got out just outside of Grand Place (the main square in Brussels city centre). Then we were just walking around and looking at what was around, and the shops we went in were so cool. Not too overly priced I think. Lots of chocolates, frites (papa to the american french fries), belgian lace, and waffles~ Katy and Kristen were already planning the shops that we had to go back to for souvenirs so it was a good thing we decided not to be lazy on our first night in Brussels.
The next morning Kristen actually slept. She had a bit of insomnia last week so it was good to know that she finally got more than 2hrs of sleep. Today was the day to go to the EU and I had gotten instructions from the reeptionist on how to get there. Just take two trams to get there...sounds easy enough, except that when we got there, of course there are more than one EU building, but after going in and asking for directions to where we wanted to go, nobody could give us any good directions!! We were trying to find the visitors entrance to the parlament building, and after getting directions from the normal entrance, continued to search for the visitors entrance for another 40minutes. THEN!! we go in to see if we can't join up with the group for the tour and find out that there weren't any tours on Friday because the EU had some special extension for the holiday that was on Thursday! Needless to say Kristen was crushed because it was THE REASON that she had wanted to come to Brussels. She is a politics-geek.
So then we just went back, Kristen went back sadly, to the Grand Place for more shopping time. We first went for a pick me up at a toy store, which was one of the most fun shops we all went to. The toys in Brussels are so cool. What else did we do...we had a nice dinner at a place called EKXL or something like that. It was an organic restauant, I had some pasta with prosciutto and a bowl of tomato soup. It was really good.
Then on the Saturday we went into the Grand Place again after walking around to lots of other churches and palaces and parks. But when we got to the Grand Place we started seeing lots of Rainbow flags and umbrellas. We knew that there was a Gay Bar neighborhood just next to Grand Place, but we didn't know that there was a Gay Pride Festival on that day!!! So we had to go see, because we could already hear the music when we were a few blocks away and the place was crazy. There were maybe 5 or 6 long semis and the trailers were for dancing and had tons and tons of speakers set up on them. The whole thing was pretty cool. Katy and Kristen laughed when I got hit on by a transvestite. :-X It was a little awkward too, so I held onto Katy and Kristen when we walked.
Sunday we had our train ticket for 1:28pm so we had to find something to do before that. Sadly we had all of our purchases and luggage to pack with us so it was a little tiring to carry it all over. Turns out there are two markets in Brussels on Sundays, there is an antique flea market and also a huge produce and clothing market next to the train station. The antique one was a little small, and unless you are a collector (or at least not carrying your luggage through the people) it's a little hard to get into. The large market was good as far as food was concerned (there was a churro stand, lol) but the clothing was pretty lame. Every stand looked the same. I'm sure there is a lot more to our Brussels trip than that , but that's all I can remember right now, and I have an 8:30 Italian class tomorrow morning. You can look at the pictures and have a good idea of what we did. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.